Rombouts Coffee School - Training for professional customers

At Rombouts we work closely with our customers to provide comprehensive training to help ensure that they have the skills to get the best out of their coffee. It starts with an initial consultation to discuss the training needs and to get an understanding of what is required for your business. We then put an action plan in place to cover initial and ongoing training, coffee audits and support to ensure that quality remains one of the key drivers for the business.

Delivering a great coffee for your customers.

We have two standard barista courses available; Coffee Basics and Advanced, as well as fully tailored training to suit individual needs, which we can deliver at your premises or the Rombouts training centre in Berkshire. Our training is free of charge to Rombouts direct customers.

Advanced Barista Course – 4 hours

The course covers:

• All elements of the Coffee Basics course, plus:
• Grinder calibration
• Advanced milk foaming techniques
• Introduction to latte art

Coffee Basics Barista Course – 2 hours

The course covers:

• An introduction to coffee
• What makes and breaks a great espresso
• Milk foaming & texturing techniques
• The coffee menu
• Cleaning and caring for your espresso machine


Tailored training program

We understand that everyone has different needs and skill levels, that’s why we also offer fully bespoke training. It starts with understanding your requirements and the business needs through to building a tailored training plan for you and your team.

Let Rombouts help you serve the finest coffee – in every single cup!

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