Company History


It all started in Antwerp, when Frans Rombouts decided to rent a roasting cylinder and started roasting coffee himself, much to the delight of in-the-know coffee lovers. This was the start of a remarkable success story.


The Rombouts Company invented the One Cup Filter coffee.
This revolutionary concept allowed coffee lovers to make a cup of coffee using the perfect amount of coffee that had been roasted and ground using traditional methods. So, it was virtually impossible to get it wrong! This innovation made Rombouts the creator of pre-measured coffee


Rombouts arrived in the UK with a range of quality coffee from individual filter coffees to vending packs and beans for espresso machines. Rombouts coffee soon became familiar in public houses, restaurants and hairdressers.


Marked a new era in the company’s history. Hugo Rombouts decided to expand the company by buying Malongo which at the time was a small coffee roaster in the South of France. Today, Malongo’s coffees are available and renowned for their quality not only in France, but also in numerous other countries.


Rombouts Coffee GB Ltd was formed and in October of that year the UK Out of Home business was bought back under the control of Koffie F Rombouts.


In September 2009 Koffie F Rombouts regained control of the retail side of the business in the UK, which was formerly operated by Premier Foods. Rombouts Coffee GB now supplies all areas of the UK market and is wholely owned by the Rombouts family.


Rombouts Coffee – Professional Division continues to grow from strength to strength in the UK Out of Home sector. With a focus on espresso based drinks and filter coffees for the HORECA markets
and single serve coffees for the Salon & Office markets; Rombouts emphasis on quality and service forms the heart of its offer.